Kick off the new school year with lessons from our Back to School 2021 collection to help students express themselves, build relationships, and stay organized.

1. Introduction to Prepare for a College Interview

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When you’re choosing between colleges, getting as much information as you can about each one can help you make the best decision. One way to learn more about a particular school is by setting up a college interview. During an interview, you meet with a person or group of people that represent the school, like an admissions representative or an alumnus. Some schools may recommend or require an interview as part of the application process or for admission into certain degree programs, and some may allow you to schedule an interview during a campus visit. An interview gives you the chance to learn more about the college, ask questions, and see what the school is like.

It also gives the college a chance to ask you questions to get to know you better.

In this lesson, you will use Google Docs to collaborate in pairs to prepare for an interview.

You will start by researching information about a college you’re each interested in. Then, you will pick a possible interview question to ask your partner and have them answer it using their research. Finally, you will provide constructive feedback to each other about your answers.

You will always feel better going into an interview if you practice and prepare for it.

You’re more likely to be successful, too! This lesson uses Google Docs, but you could apply these skills and concepts in most other word processing applications or even on a piece of paper.

As you complete this project in Google Docs, you will: Create and title a new document, Share a document, Type text in a document, Format text, Create a bulleted list, And comment in a shared document.

For this lesson, you will work with a partner. If you don’t have a partner, ask your teacher.

You and your partner will sit at your own computers.

To work on this lesson, choose one person to sign in to their Google account first. Open a new tab in your browser, and navigate to If you are not signed in, do so now.

If you do not have a Google account, pause the video and create one now.

Create a new document and give it a title.

Now, it’s your turn: Select a partner or use one your teacher assigns, Choose one person to sign in to their Google account first and create a new document, And give it a title.


  1. Select a partner or use one your teacher assigns.
  2. Choose one person to sign in to their Google account first and create a new document.
  3. Give it a title.