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9. Practice Spelling Words by Following Clues Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you practiced spelling words by creating a presentation with picture and letter clues.

Being able to spell words correctly is an important skill to have for school, your future work, and life.

While creating your presentation, you practiced: Sharing a presentation with others, Choosing a theme, Filling out information on a title slide, Adding an image, Adding and changing text, And previewing your presentation.

You also learned about working on a project with others in the same computer program at the same time.

This is called “digital collaboration.”

Use the digital skills you discovered in the future when you want to: Learn other difficult spelling words, Practice vocabulary terms to learn their definitions, Or create a presentation to quiz your classmates on challenging subjects.

And continue adding more words to your presentation to make your school work more fun and successful!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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