5. Plan Your Community Service Project Wrap-Up

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Planning a large group project is rewarding, especially if it benefits others, like your school or community.

There can be lots of information, tasks, people, and resources to keep track of throughout the life of a complex large-scale group project.

Planning your project using digital tools like spreadsheets helps you stay organized.

In this lesson, you created a spreadsheet to help you build a list of tasks for your project...

Labeled column headers and applied formatting to make them stand out...

Set task deadlines by date, Added notes about tasks to keep everyone in the group informed...

And created drop-down menus to update the progress of tasks and to assign task owners.

These digital skills can be applied to all kinds of projects in school, at work, and in your personal life.

You might use spreadsheets in the future to plan other types of projects, such as: Organizing a group for a hobby or club, Holding a community event, Or for school assignments and projects.

No matter what your group decides to work on, the digital tools you learned in these videos will help ensure that your project is organized, successful, and fun for everyone.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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