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To complete a complex group project successfully, it’s important to ensure that all group members know what tasks they are responsible for.

When you are responsible for a task, you are the task owner.

When there are numerous tasks that each person must complete, it can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming.

In this extension, you will create a filter view in order to clearly and easily see the tasks you own.

You will: Create a new filter view Choose your own name as the filter criteria And create another filter view to show both the tasks you own and those owned by everyone in your group Filters let you view the data you want to see and hide data you don’t need at that moment.

You will still be able to see all of your original data when you turn off the filter view.

Filtering your tasks by owner enables each individual group member to see which tasks they must complete without being distracted by tasks that are owned by someone else in the group.

Filters won’t change the information, so each member can use their own filter.

To begin, go to Google Drive, and open your Project Planning spreadsheet.

Create a new filter to show tasks from your list that belong only to you.

Begin by highlighting the Task Owner column.

Next, create a filter view.

Click the filter icon...

Clear the current values, then select your name.

Now, you can see exactly which tasks you own and must complete.

However, there are some tasks that everyone in the group owns.

You want to remember to work on those, too.

To see tasks that both you and everyone own, create another filter view.

First, turn off the original filter.

Then, create another filter view.

Under filter by values, clear the current values.

Then select your name and “All.”

Now, you can see your own tasks and tasks you are responsible for helping your group complete.

These views are just for you; the other members of your group cannot see them.

Filtering makes a long, complicated spreadsheet much easier to work with and will help your group stay on task as you work on your project.

Now it's your turn: Highlight the owner column, Create a new filter view, Filter by values, clear the current values, and select your name, Then, turn off the filter, And add a new filter view for your name and All.

Choose an Extension
Add Links to Project Planning Resources

Add links to your project planning spreadsheet for your project’s resources.

Filter Tasks By Owner

Create a filter view in Google Sheets in order to clearly and easily see the tasks you own and keep track of which project steps you must complete.

Use Conditional Formatting to Show Task Status

Add conditional formatting to your project planning spreadsheet by selecting a range of cells to format, add and customize formatting rules, and choose colors that indicate task status.