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Big projects involve lots of tasks and many people working together to complete them.

It’s important to stay organized to help ensure that you don’t miss any important details.

In this video, you will organize a list of project tasks in your spreadsheet.

A task is an activity that needs to be accomplished by a deadline in order to work toward the project goal.

Keeping track of tasks in a spreadsheet is helpful because you can easily sort the items, add notes or other relevant information, and use your spreadsheet to track task status and make sure you don’t forget any important steps.

To begin adding tasks, return to your spreadsheet.

Get together with your group and select a member to create a column header for tasks.

Headers help you quickly and easily identify what information is listed and sorted in the column below.

Then, take a few minutes to talk as a group about what your project will involve.

For instance, in the example project of planning a neighborhood clean-up, you might need to: Find volunteers, Distribute flyers, Ask stores for supply donations, Meet with community leaders to set a date, Order snacks and drinks for volunteers, And decide on a meeting spot and time.

As you come up with tasks, type them in the cells of the Tasks column beneath the Tasks header.

A cell is a box where you enter a single piece of information.

Each individual cell is identified by a column letter and a row number.

Type tasks that will need to be completed by your group.

Everyone can take turns adding tasks, or choose one group member to type them.

Your tasks may be different than shown in this video.

Once you have your project tasks listed, you are on your way to making a complex project much simpler.

By breaking down a large task into smaller parts, your group is more likely to have a successful result.

Now it's your turn: Create a column header for tasks, And add project tasks in the cells beneath the tasks header.


  1. Create a column header for tasks.
  2. Add project tasks in the cells beneath the tasks header.