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2. Set Up Your Spreadsheet and Start Your Research

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In this video, you will start to set up your spreadsheet to plan your vacation.

You can design your spreadsheet however you’d like, but it must contain a few elements.

Click the link on this page to read the requirements.

First, freeze some rows to create a summary table where you can easily see: Your budget; The costs you have accounted for during your research; And the remaining balance, or the amount you have left over.

Next, build an itinerary, or schedule for the trip, into your spreadsheet.

Add cells for each day’s expenses.

Include transportation, lodging, food, and activities for each day of your trip.

Add a column for costs; And a column for category, to help label your expenses.

Remember: the spreadsheet you see here is just an example.

Your spreadsheet can look different, but make sure you include all of the elements listed in the Budget Requirement instructions.

It’s a good idea to calculate your expenses as you research them, so you can keep track of your budget.

To do this, add a sum formula beside the “Total Costs” cell that adds all the values in the Costs column.

If you don’t remember how to do this, watch the formulas video.

Keep track of how much you are spending in each category.

If your costs get too high, figure out a way to spend less in one or more categories.

You can add other elements to your spreadsheet if you have time--like data validation lists, heading colors, or images.

These are not required, but can make your spreadsheet more useful and accurate.

Return to previous activities if you forgot how to add these features, or ask a neighbor when you get to that point.

After you’ve set up your spreadsheet, research transportation, lodging, food, and activities for your vacation.

Keep your total budget in mind, and try to plan the best vacation with the money you have.

To help research a potential vacation, use the videos on the following page.

Watch these videos in whatever order you'd like.The videos will give you tips for taking a vacation to almost any location on almost any budget!

Now, it’s your turn: Click the link on this page to open the project requirements.

Set up your spreadsheet so that it includes space for all the requirements.

Move on to the optional videos about transportation, lodging, food, and activities and to start your research.


  1. Click the link to open the project requirements.
  2. Set up your spreadsheet to include all the requirements.
  3. Start your research using the videos for help.
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