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2. Set Up Your Housing Spreadsheet

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In this video, you will set up your spreadsheet to organize data about housing options.

Each row will contain one housing option, like an apartment, house, or room for rent.

Each column will contain a detail about the option, like the type, monthly cost, address, or number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

In the first column, type “Option.”

You will list the housing options you find in this column.

Add a column for “Rent,” where you will record the cost of each housing option.

Add a column for "Address."

You’ll need this for your calculations later.

Add a column for “URL,” so you can keep track of the websites where you found housing options.

Then, add other column headings for factors that are important to you.

Ask yourself some questions about where you would want to live, like: How much does it cost to rent the home or apartment?

Could you afford to live by yourself?

Sometimes it helps to share a home with roommates and split the cost of rent.

If you had roommates, how many bedrooms would you need?

Would you share a bathroom, or would you need more than one?

Is the place pet friendly?

Does it charge extra for pets?

Can you walk to places that you frequent, like school, work, a friend’s house, the grocery store, or restaurants?

Add at least 3 or 4 more columns for details like these.

The spreadsheet shown here is only an example.

Add columns for features that would be important to you when considering housing options.

You can always add extra columns as you search, too.

To make your spreadsheet easier to read, freeze Row 1 and Column A, so you can always see the labels you created.

Once your spreadsheet contains a column for housing options and at least four or five options to consider, check in with your neighbor or a partner about which details they included.

Perhaps they want to consider amenities like an on-site weight room or a swimming pool, which some apartment complexes offer.

Or perhaps they want more privacy, and would prefer to rent a house instead of an apartment.

Add more columns to track important aspects your partner thought of.

When you’ve finished, move on to the next video to start searching for housing options.

Now, it’s your turn: Set up your spreadsheet to organize data about housing options.

Create columns for: Housing Options, monthly rent cost, Address, and URL.

Then, add at least 4 more columns for additional features.

Freeze the first row and column of your spreadsheet.

Compare your spreadsheet with a partner to find out what attributes they find most important.

Then, move on to the next video.

  1. Set up your spreadsheet.
  2. Create columns for housing options, monthly rent, address, and website link.
  3. Add at least 3 or 4 additional columns.
  4. Freeze the first row and column of your spreadsheet.
  5. Compare your spreadsheet with a partner.
  6. Add additional attributes.