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3. Research and Record Rental Options

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In this video, you will search the internet for housing options and add them to your spreadsheet.

To start, open a new window and enter some search terms for the location you selected.

For example, you might type “apartment” and the name of the city.

Many of the results are websites that specialize in finding rental housing.

Try a few and see which ones work best for you.

Many websites have filters that allow you to refine your search based on the factors that are most important to you.

Depending on the website you select, you might be able to filter for the number of bedrooms, the monthly price, and other features.

Use these filters to refine your search.

Investigate some of the results.

Then, record the data in your spreadsheet.

Give each housing option a short title to help tell it apart from others.

Add details that would help you make a decision about where to live.

Be sure to type the full address for each option in the “address” column.

You will need the full address later when you calculate the distance to another location.

If you see additional features that are helpful for your decision-making, add them to the spreadsheet.

In some cases, you may not find all the data you need.

That is okay.

For now, fill in what you can and leave the other cells blank.

Document all of your findings in your spreadsheet.

When you’ve found at least 3 options, move on to the next video to write computer code.

The code will calculate the distance from a housing option to a location that’s important to you.

Now, it’s your turn: Search the internet for housing options in the location you selected.

Investigate at least 3 of the results.

Collect data about each option in your spreadsheet.

Make sure to include the full address for each option in the address column.

When you have collected data for three or more options, move on to the next video.

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  1. Search the internet for housing options.
  2. Investigate at least 3 of the results.
  3. Collect data about each option.
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