5. Publish Your Site and Get Feedback

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In this video, you’ll publish your website and get feedback from your partner.

First, Publish your site.

Click Publish and type in a unique address.

Google Sites checks that there isn’t a site with the same name.

When you’ve typed in a unique address, click Publish.

Then, View the site.

Next, Share with your partner.

Copy your website’s URL.

From a new tab or window, open Gmail.

Type a brief email to your partner.

Link your site, and send.

When you receive an email from your partner with their site, click the link and check it out.

Reply to your partner’s email with comments and suggestions.

Once you get your partner’s feedback, make changes to your website, if you’d like.

While you’re editing the website, users won’t be able to see those changes.

Preview, finalize, and re-publish the site.

Now, others will see the changes you’ve made.


  1. Publish your site.
  2. Email a link to your partner.
  3. Provide feedback on your partner’s site.
  4. Read your partner’s suggestions and make changes as necessary.
  5. Republish your site.