4. Add a Page with a Map

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So far you’ve created one page for your site.

This page doesn’t provide much more information than your flyer, and it isn’t interactive.

In this video, you’ll add a page with a map for your event location.

Then, you’ll experiment with other features to further customize your website.

First, add a second page.

Name the page “Event Map.”

Then, add an interactive map.

Enter the location of your event.

Now, anyone viewing your site can access a map or get directions from any location.

Be careful to not share personal information.

For example, if your event is at your house, add a map of your town rather than specific directions to your home.

Resize and reposition the map.

Next, experiment with additional features to further customize your site.

Find at least one new feature, and use it to add something.

Preview your site to try out the new pageand feature.

Then, move on to the next video where you’ll publish your site and get feedback from your partner.


  1. Add an additional page.
  2. Add, resize and reposition a map.
  3. Find a new feature.
  4. Preview your site.