5. Organize Your Event Plan

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In this video, you will organize your event plan with headings and a table of contents.

As you add to a document, it can be difficult to find the information you need.

Some documents may be dozens or even hundreds of pages long.

To make it easy to navigate within your document, add headings.

Highlight the first section, “Event Information.”

Then, format it using Heading 1.

Change other section titles to other heading styles.

Now that you have headings in your document, you can create a Table of Contents.

A Table of Contents lists the headings in a document.

You could type your own table of contents, but you would have to update it manually each time you add to the document.

To create a table of contents that automatically updates and links to the document headings, click in the document where you want to create the table.

Then, insert a Table of Contents.

Now, your headings appear in one place.

Each link in the table goes to the heading in the document.

Try it out.

Headings make it easier for you and your readers to navigate your document.


  1. Add headings and a table of contents to your event plan.