4. Give and Receive Feedback

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In this video, you will collaborate digitally with a partner to give and receive feedback and ideas about your event plans.

When you are ready for your partner to look at your ideas, share your event plan with them.

With your event plan open, click Share...

and enter your partner’s email address.

Choose whether you want to notify your partner with an email.

Even if you do not send an email, your partner will be able to access your event plan from their shared folder in Drive.

Your partner will share their document with you as well.

When your partner is ready for feedback and has shared their document with you, open their document from Google Drive.

Then, view files shared with you.

Find your partner’s Event Plan.

If you can’t find it, type “event plan” in the search bar.

Next, read your partner’s event plan and add some comments.

Comments allow you to collaborate, make suggestions, and ask questions.

To add a comment, highlight a specific section of text.

Add a comment from the margin...

or select the comment option from the toolbar.

Tell your partner what you like about their event plan and why.

Then, provide suggestions for improvement.

When your partner has finished reviewing your event plan, read their comments.

If you have questions, Reply to the comment to start a conversation.

Resolve comments as you incorporate your partner’s ideas.

Then, add a section to your event plan called “Feedback.”

Add the feedback you received from your partner about your event plan.

Then, move on to the next video to organize your document using headings.


  1. Share your event plan with your partner.
  2. When your partner is ready, open their document.
  3. Read your partner’s event plan and add comments or suggestions.
  4. Then, read the comments your partner left you.
  5. Add a “Feedback” section to your event plan and record your partner’s feedback.