5. Complete Task List and Get Feedback

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In this video, you’ll share your to do list with your partner to get additional ideas.

Planning an event is a complex task.

Getting feedback will help ensure you’re not leaving anything out.

First, share your to-do list with your partner.

Click Share, and add their email address.

Ask them to suggest additional tasks you’ll need to complete for your event.

When your partner is ready, add feedback to their spreadsheet.

Open your partner’s spreadsheet.

From Google Drive, locate the file in your Shared Files.

You can add additional tasks to complete...

Or add comments as suggestions.

To leave a comment, click on a cell, then insert a comment.

When you finish, return to your to do list and check out your partner’s feedback.

View individual comments by selecting the cell.

Next, open the event plan document you created in the last activity.

If you don’t see your file, search for “Event Plan.”

Click on the file name.

Your event plan opens in Google Docs, just as you left it.

Your last edit was “Feedback from Your Partner.”

Add another section underneath.

Type “Feedback on To Do List.”

Then, select the text and change it to a Heading.

Add the feedback you got from your partner.

Update the table of contents.

The feedback on your to-do list now appears as a sub-heading under “Feedback from Your Partner.”


  1. Exchange feedback with your partner about your to-do list.
  2. Open the “Event Plan” you created previously.
  3. Add a heading titled “Feedback on To Do List”
  4. Add your partner’s feedback.
  5. Refresh the table of contents.