3. Add and Format Text

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In this video, you will add text to your event logo.

Don’t worry about including all the event details; you can include those on your flyer and website.

But do include the name of the event.

You can add text using a Text Box or Word Art.

A Text Box allows you to modify text as you would in a word processor, like Google Docs.

Word Art has more style options, but the text is modified as one block.

To start, insert a text box.

Click anywhere on your canvas to create a text box, or drag the box to a specific size.

Then, type your text.

To modify the style, size, and color, highlight the text you’d like to change.

Then, modify it using the toolbar.

Click and drag to reposition the text box.

Next, insert word art.

Type your text.

To enter text on a different line, press Shift and Enter at the same time.

Press Enter.

Your text appears on the canvas in a default style and color.

To change the color of the letters, select a fill color from the toolbar.

To change the outline of the letters, adjust the line color.

You can only choose one color combination.

If you’d like different colors of text, insert more Word Art or Text Boxes.


  1. Add text to your logo using Word Art or text boxes. Keep the text large and short so you can use your logo for multiple products.
  2. Color, resize, and tilt your text to fit your design.