2. Add and Edit Images

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In this video, you will add and edit images to create a logo for your event.

A logo should quickly and easily communicate about your event.

Think about logos that are easily recognizable, like Facebook, Twitter, or Google Chrome.

Each has a simple design that can go on anything.

Keep your logo simple.

You might want to use it on a flyer, a website, or even on a business card or merchandise.

This example will build a logo for a community yard sale, but you should use images that work best for your event.

You don’t have to use every tool shown in these videos, but experiment with a few.

To start, explore the internet to find an image.

Some images are free to use, and others are trademarked or copyrighted.

The images shown in the explore tool are free to use.

When you’ve found an image you want to use, click, hold, and drag the image onto the canvas.

You can also add an image from your computer or Google Drive.

Click Insert, Image, and select the file.

Insert one or more images that make sense for your event.

Next, resize and crop the image.

To resize an image, select it.

Then, click and drag the arrow.

To remove unwanted parts of the image, use the crop tool.

Click and drag the two sided arrows until only the part you want is showing.

You can also crop your image into a particular shape.

This is called Applying a Mask.

Select the image.

Then, select a shape.

Next, move and adjust your images on the canvas.

Select an image and rotate it.

Flip it horizontally, or flip it vertically.

To tilt an image, select it, then hover over the handle at the top of the image until the cursor changes to a crosshair.

Hold down the mouse, and drag the handle from side to side.

Release when your image is at the desired angle.

You can also recolor your image and adjust the transparency, brightness, and contrast.

Select the image.

Then, adjust the Image Options.

Experiment with these options until you’re satisfied.


  1. Insert at least one image for your logo.
  2. Add other images and crop, mask, rotate, tilt, and recolor.