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Throughout this unit you’ve prepared for your event with the help of others.

You created a to-do list to track who will complete tasks, and you created an event calendar to communicate meeting times.

In this video, you will compose an email to your team to communicate how to use the to do list and event calendar.

From Gmail, compose an email.

Specify the recipients.

Type the email address of each group member, separated by a space or comma.

You can also add recipients as carbon copy -- CC -- or blind carbon copy -- BCC.

Use CC to add people who aren’t the primary audience for your email.

For example, if you were running late to work you might email your manager, and CC team members who might be affected by your absence.

CC allows recipients to see the email addresses of everyone you sent the email to.

BCC does not let others see the email recipients.

While it may not matter as much to a group of friends helping you with an event, you may send other emails to people who do not know each other.

It is courteous to protect their personal information by not sharing their email addresses with strangers.

Then, add a subject.

The subject should describe the contents of the email.

Next, type a message to let your team know that you’ve created a calendar and a spreadsheet for the event.

Give your team easy access to the to-do list by attaching the spreadsheet to your email.

You can also hyperlink email text to go to a file.

To do this, copy the file URL.

Then highlight the appropriate text in the email, link, and paste the address.

Now a recipient can click the text and go directly to the document.

You don’t have to sign your email because your signature is already there.

When you’ve finished writing, proofread your message, then send it to the team.

As you receive your group members’ emails about their events, reply.

Open an email.

To settings to disable your event email signature before moving on.


  1. Compose an email to your group members and send the email using recipients, CC, or BCC.
  2. Link your to-do list spreadsheet in the email. Link to other documents if you’d like.
  3. Open your group members’ emails and respond using reply or reply all.