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In this video, you will create and share a calendar for your event.

In the last video, you opened Google Calendar.

This is your personal calendar.

If you share this calendar with your group, they will see everything you add -- even doctors’ appointments, birthdays, and other meetings.

That’s a lot of information you probably don’t need or want to share with your group.

To ensure that you only share details relevant to your event, create a new calendar.

Select Create New Calendar.

Next, provide a Calendar Name.

Because this calendar is for those planning the event, you might want to include “planning team” or “planning committee” in the name.

Add a description, and a location, too, if you’d like.

Once you’ve completed the calendar details, create the calendar.

Finally, Share it with your team.

Enter an email address for each person.

Select the appropriate Permission Settings.

If you’d like them to be able to edit the calendar, select Make Changes to Events.

If you’d only like them to be able to see events, select See All Event Details.

Your team members will receive an email letting them know that the calendar has been created.

View your calendar.

Once your group members share their calendars, you should also see them in this menu.

Each calendar will appear with its own color.

Once you’ve finished creating and sharing a calendar, move on to the next video to add events.


  1. Create a new calendar and add details.
  2. Share the calendar with your group.