4. Add an Event Email Signature

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In this video, you will explore your Gmail account and create an email signature to share information about you or your event.

Later, you’ll compose and send an email to your team letting them know your event plans.

In a new window or tab, open Gmail to see your inbox.

This is where you send and receive emails.

Your inbox contains all the emails you’ve received.

You may have invitations from your team members from earlier in this activity.

If you don’t see these emails, check with your group to make sure they sent invitations.

Click on one of these invitations.

You can accept or decline the invitation...

and view attached materials, like your to-do list spreadsheet.

If you're using Gmail as part of your business, you may want to share event information, contact details, or your website with everyone you email.

You can use an email signature to share this information.

A signature appears at the bottom of all emails you send.

To create a signature, open the Settings menu.

In this menu, you can also add a profile picture, create an Out of Office message, or adjust other email preferences.

Type the text you want to include as your signature.

Keep it short -- no more than 3 or 4 lines.

Include your name. Then, add your company or school name.

You might also want to add a link to a personal, school, or business website.

To let people know about your event, you could include a short description.

If you have a business phone number or social media handle, you may want to include that too.

There’s no need to add your email address, though.

Recipients will already have your email address when you send them an email.

Customize your email signature however you’d like.

You can change the font and colors, include hyperlinks, or even add an image or animated GIF.

Later in this unit, you can return to this menu to add your logo or a link to your website.

When you’re finished, save your edits and return to your inbox.

Then, move on to the next video to email your team.


  1. Explore your inbox and respond to your team members’ calendar invitations.
  2. Add an email signature to promote your event.
  3. Customize the signature to match your style.