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In this video, you’ll adjust the orientation and size of your flyer.

Then, you’ll add text with more details.

Select the flyer’s orientation.

Most documents are printed on a vertical page: that’s called Portrait.

When a document is printed horizontally, that’s called Landscape.

Change your flyer’s orientation by adjusting the Page Setup.

Select Landscape.

You can also adjust the Margins, or the white space that borders the page.

To leave less white space on the edges of the page, enter smaller Margins.

You can also adjust the size.

Letter is the most common size in the United States and is supported by most printers.

Next, enter your event details.

You can copy most of this information from your Event Plan and paste it directly into your flyer.

In your event plan document, select the text you’d like to copy.

Then, right click and select Copy.

Click on the Event Flyer tab, then select Paste.

You can also use Keyboard Commands or the Edit menu.

For a list of Keyboard Commands, ask a neighbor, your instructor, or search the Internet.

Now that you’ve pasted event information into your flyer, add additional text if you’d like.

Think about information you would need to know if you were interested in attending the event.

Don’t worry about formatting your text.

You’ll do this once you’ve added images to the flyer.

When you have added your text, move on to the next video where you’ll add your logo.


  1. Decide on the orientation of your flyer. You could print it in portrait or landscape.
  2. Change the margins of your flyer if you'd like.
  3. Copy details from your event plan and paste them into your flyer.
  4. Add any additional text.