5. Publish and Share

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In this video, you will publish your flyer.

This will create a webpage version that can be seen by large numbers of people.

Before publishing, check your flyer for personal information that you wouldn’t want strangers to see.

This includes phone numbers, email addresses, or home addresses.

Remove any information you wouldn’t want to share.

Next, Publish the file to the web.

A URL appears.

Now, anyone with the link will be able to view the file online.

Test the link.

Copy and paste the URL into a new tab or window.

Great! Now you can email individuals and include the link or share your poster on social media.

If you need to remove a document from the web without deleting it from your Google Drive, change the file’s Publishing Settings.

Your document will no longer be published.

Once you’ve Published your flyer, open your Event To Do List from Google Drive.

You’ve completed another step for your event!


  1. Publish your file digitally to the web.
  2. Open the link in a new window to test.
  3. Check “Create a flyer” off of your Event To Do List.