4. Exchange Feedback About Your Flyer

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In this video, you will give and receive feedback with your partner about your logo and flyer.

First, Share your flyer with your partner.

Click Share and enter their email address.

After your partner shares their flyer with you, open it from your Shared Files in Google Drive.

Add Comments about things you like and things that could be improved.

For example, can you read all the text on the logo and flyer?

Is the logo appropriate for the event? Is it eye-catching?

Is there any other information you want to know about the event?

Highlight text in the flyer and insert your Comments.

When you’re finished giving feedback, read the comments your partner left in your flyer.

Then, open your Event Plan and add another Heading.

Type “Feedback on Flyer.”

Then, highlight and change the text to a Heading.

Enter the feedback that you received from your partner.

Then, update the Table of Contents.

Scroll to the top of your document, and click Refresh.

When you have updated your table of contents, move on to the next video to Publish your flyer.


  1. Share your flyer.
  2. Add comments to your partner’s flyer.
  3. Read your partner’s comments.
  4. Record that feedback in your event plan.