3. Download and Insert an Image

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In this video, you will download the logo you created in the previous activity and add it to your flyer.

You’ll also set Image Wrap settings to arrange the logo on the page.

First, open the logo you created in Google Drawings.

Open Google Drive and find "Event Logo."

If you don’t see it, search your drive for "Event Logo."

Then, download the image so you can use it on your flyer.

Click File and Download.

The list includes several image formats, such as PDF, JPEG, and PNG.

PNG is a good format for logos.

Download the file as a PNG.

Save the file in a place you can easily access.

Click the browser tab to return to your flyer.

Insert an image by uploading it from your computer...

and open it.

The image uploads and appears in your document. Great!

The image may be difficult to move.

That’s because the image is set as In Line with text.

With the In Line setting, your image moves around the page like a text character.

Other options include Wrap Text, which makes the text flow around the image, and Break Text, which makes text appear above and below the image, but not to the left and right.

This example uses Wrap Text.

Wrap Text allows you to specify the image margins, or the amount of white space that surrounds an image.

Next, change the font style, size, and color to suit you.

Make sure that the most important information on your flyer is large.

Keep your text brief and legible.

Some fonts are harder to read than others.

Make sure your audience can read all of the text easily.

Keep it simple.

In the next activity, you will create a website where you can include more information.

When you’ve finished creating a draft of your flyer, move on to the next video to get feedback from your partner.


  1. Open your “Event Logo” in Google Drawings.
  2. Download your logo as a PNG.
  3. Insert the image into your Event Flyer.
  4. Set text wrapping options.
  5. Change the font style, size, and colors and make sure your text is legible.