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5. Review Movie Ideas Wrap Up

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In this activity, you made some hypotheses, or testable theories, about which elements make a successful movie.

Using those theories, you reviewed a list of potential movies and left comments about which ones you liked and didn’t like.

Then, you gathered as a group to compare your theories and chose three movies you thought would be successful and three movies you thought would not be successful.

Finally, you created clickable links for all the movies in your lists.

To choose your list of potentially successful movies, you and your group made inferences and predictions about what elements contribute to a successful movie.

Inferences are conclusions based on background knowledge and reasoning.

Predictions are estimates about what will happen next.

You use inferences all the time to make decisions about everyday things.

For example, if it’s cool and cloudy outside, you might take a rain jacket as you leave the house.

You inferred that there is a good chance it will rain.

Or, if your friend seems visibly upset while holding their report card, you might infer that they did not make good grades.

In this activity, you used what you already know about movies to identify certain elements that might make a successful movie, like genre, director, actors, or storyline.

Then, you used those inferences to predict which movies would be successful and to choose movies you would like to produce.

In the next activity, you will use data to test your hypotheses and strengthen the inferences you made.