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3. Form Hypotheses about Box Office Hits

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In this video, you will use what you already know to develop some hypotheses about successful movies.

To do this, you’ll read and comment on the movie ideas in the document.

Later in this unit, you will test your hypotheses using data about movie budgets, box office returns, genres, directors, and actors.

What kinds of movies do you like?

Which ones make a lot of money at the box office?

Take a moment to make some theories about what makes a successful movie.

Are there certain actors who make exciting movies?

What about a director who always has success at the box office?

Maybe you find sports movies or romantic comedies really entertaining and think other people might like those, too.

Next, read the movie ideas in the starter project you opened on your own computer.

As you read, think about which features make a movie successful.

Use the comments feature to make notes about what you like or don’t like about each movie.

What elements might make the movie successful?

What might keep the movie from being successful?

Your comments will allow your group to see what you think of the movie ideas, and you will see what they think, too.

In the next video, you will use these comments to discuss and select some movies to analyze further.

If you do not know the genres, directors, or actors in a movie, perform an internet search to learn more and to help develop your hypotheses.

When everyone in your group has read the movie proposals and made comments, move on to the next video where you will discuss these ideas and pick three movies you want to consider for production.

Now, it’s your turn: If you haven’t already, open your group’s shared Movie Ideas document.

Read the movie ideas as if you were a movie producer.

Which movies do you think would be profitable and why?

Add comments about what you think would be successful or unsuccessful about the films.

Then, move on to the next video to discuss these ideas with your group.


  1. Open your group's shared Movie Ideas document.
  2. Read the movie ideas.
  3. Add comments.
  4. Move on to the next video.