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2. Polish Your Pitch Proposal

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In this video, you will collaborate synchronously at your own computer to write a one-page movie proposal to convince an imaginary board of directors to fund your film.

In the proposal, you will explain why your group chose the movie idea and describe the data you found to support your decision.

You will also present your winning movie poster and the results of your A-B test.

Your group can design this document however you think is most effective.

But stick to a few guidelines.

First, make sure to include: The title of the movie you chose; Your group members’ names; The description of the movie, including genre, directors, actors, and budget; The winning movie poster; And a brief description of why you thought this movie would be successful.

Then, copy and paste at least one graph from your data analysis that will help demonstrate to the board of directors why you selected the movie.

Write a short paragraph underneath the graph to explain why this data was useful.

Talk with your group about how you will divide these tasks.

Design your pitch proposal however you’d like, but make sure it looks professional.

Your proposal is the first impression you will make on your board of directors, and you only have one chance at a first impression!

A professional proposal increases your chances of convincing investors to fund your movie.

Make sure that your document is polished and easy to read.

Proof it carefully for typos, misspelled words, and grammatical errors, and choose fonts and colors that will appeal to your investors.

Now, it’s your turn: As a group, decide who will be responsible for each part of your proposal.

Then, open the pitch proposal document at your own computer and complete your part of the proposal.

Then, move on to the next video to wrap up this activity.


  1. Decide who will be responsible for each part of your proposal:
    • Title
    • Names
    • Movie description
      • Genre
      • Directors
      • Actors
    • Winning poster
    • Description of why you thought the movie would be successful
    • At least one graph
    • Description of why it was useful
  2. Open the pitch proposal document at your own computer and complete your part.
  3. Move on to the next video.