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Congratulations on coding your website!

In this activity, you and your group members coded a website to test which poster is most likely to get people to view your movie.

Just as there’s no perfect formula to select a winning movie, it’s often difficult to know which posters an audience will respond to without testing them.

Marketing executives use A-B tests all the time to make decisions about how to advertise products.

You could use other methods to collect data from potential audience members.

Each method has its own strengths.

For example, you could gather a diverse group of people to provide feedback on your movie posters and tell you which one they like the best.

This method is called a “focus group.”

Focus groups allow you to ask people about their personal preferences and get explanations for why they like or don’t like a product.

Or, you could use a Google Form to conduct a survey.

For example, this survey asks, “Which movie poster do you like best?” and the user picks their favorite poster.

Surveys are easy to develop and you can send them to lots of people.

A-B testing, focus groups, and surveys allow you to ask potential audience members different questions.

Focus groups allow you to ask lots of questions of your audience members in a face-to-face conversation.

Surveys allow users to compare several options and choose the one they like best.

A-B testing allows you to show a movie poster at random and ask if the poster makes the user want to see the movie.

In the final activity, you will create a pitch proposal where you will compile the data and ideas that helped you make decisions throughout this unit.

Then, you will edit the document and get it ready to present to an imaginary board of directors.

These methods allow you to collect different data to help you make the best decisions -- and maybe even make your projects more profitable!

  • "USAG-Humphreys teens participate in a focus group" by USAG- Humphreys ( -- Licensed by CC BY 2.0 ( -- Image scaled up, cropping edges
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