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5. Analyze the Data Wrap Up

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In this activity, you used spreadsheet formulas to analyze data about actual movies and to identify data patterns.

You calculated profit and returns on investment.

You used a Count-IF formula to count how many items were in the spreadsheet.

And you each calculated average return on investment for either genres, actors, or directors.

Now you can test your hypotheses about which of those had better returns on investment.

Check out the actors in the movies you thought would be successful.

Which ones have a good average return on investment?

You might be surprised to find that your favorite actor isn’t as successful as you thought!

Look at the genres of the movies you thought would be successful.

Which genres have a better average return on investment?

There are lots of other costs involved in making a movie beyond paying actors and directors.

This movie was adapted from a Broadway musical.

The production company had to pay for rights to the musicians, lyricists, authors, and playwrights who produced the original version.

The director made 2 million dollars The leading actors made 5 to 7 million dollars, and supporting cast members made up to 750 thousand dollars.

Ultimately, the production company made 2 million dollars on this movie.

The executive producer made 586 thousand dollars.

That seems like a lot, but it’s only a small part of the 77 million dollar budget, and much less than the lead actors and director!

Your production company might also make even more money on endorsements and products that feature your movie.

Using spreadsheets like the ones you used in this activity can be used to keep track of the costs and profits involved in producing a movie, running a business, or even planning a family event.

You can use spreadsheets to track people, tasks, or money, and to analyze data to make better decisions.

Any time you need to organize or make sense of data, a spreadsheet can help!

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