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3. Add Your School Days as Events in Your Agenda

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In this video, you will add school days as events in your calendar. When you create an event, you are putting a time in your calendar when the event will take place.

The calendar application shows the time of the event from start to finish.

When you add the time you are at school to your calendar, it shows your entire school day. To begin, click “Create.”

Then, type in the title of your event. Use today’s date.

Change the times to when your school day begins and ends.

Click on the first time, scroll, and select when your school day begins ...

And when it ends.

You could repeat this process for every school day, but that would take a very long time. Instead, make your school day an event that happens over and over again, automatically. Click More options.

Then, change your event from “does not repeat” to “Every weekday from Monday to Friday.”

If you like, choose a different color for your event to make it stand out more in your calendar.

Save your event.

Now, your school day has been added each day of the school week.

If you like, view your calendar over a longer...

Or shorter period of time.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a new event, Title it “School day,” Select when your school day begins and ends, Repeat it every weekday, Choose a color for your event, And save your event.


  1. Create a new event.
  2. Title it School day.
  3. Select when your school day begins and ends.
  4. Repeat it every weekday.
  5. Choose a color for your event.
  6. Save your event.