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Google Calendar makes it easy for groups to stay connected, organized, and on task.

When working with a group, Google Calendar lets you invite group members to a meeting and even insert important documents in a meeting invitation.

In this extension, you will schedule a meeting, invite people to your meeting, and share a document in your meeting invitation.

To begin, open a new tab in your browser.

Then, select Calendar from the app menu.

Select a date to hold a meeting with your group.

Then, click on a time slot.

Title your event.

Then, select More Options.

Enter a description for your meeting.

Next, invite guests by typing in their email addresses.

You can use the same group members you worked with before or ask some other classmates or friends for their emails to practice.

When you are done adding guests, select Send.

Whenever someone accepts your invitation, you will receive an email.

Or, check the guest list in Google Calendar.

Click on your event to view the list of names.

Anyone with a checkmark next to their name has accepted your invitation.

If someone declines your invitation, you will see that as well.

If someone hasn’t responded yet, you can send them a reminder.

When sending a meeting invitation, it’s often helpful to attach a meeting agenda or a map with directions to the meeting location.

In this example, you can attach your Project- Planning spreadsheet, a notes document, a slideshow, or any other document of your choice that's relevant to your meeting.

This way, group members can review it in order to be prepared for the meeting.

To attach a document, select Add Attachment tool.

If you are sharing a document that's been saved in Google Drive, navigate to “My Drive” and select or search for the document you want to attach.

If you're attaching a document or a file that has been saved to your computer, navigate to Upload and select the file from your computer.

Once you have located your document or file, select it.

When your invitation is ready to send, click Save and send the event to your guests.

Great job!

Now, that you know how to send a meeting invitation in Google Calendar, use the app to help you stay organized in more ways.

For instance, you can keep track of project tasks; share your calendar with a friend, family member, or a colleague; or create new calendars for different projects and teams.

Now it’s your turn: select a time slot, enter a title and description for your meeting, invite guests, and attach a document.

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Add Links to Resources
Use a spreadsheet to keep track of the research you do for your group project so you can easily access it later and cite your sources properly.
Use Conditional Formatting to Show Task Status
Add conditional formatting to your group project spreadsheet.
Check Off Completed Tasks
Create a checklist by adding checkboxes to your project planning spreadsheet.
Invite Group Members to a Meeting
Schedule a meeting, invite people to your meeting, and share a document in your meeting invitation.
Ask for Feedback and Implement Suggestions
Share your project planning spreadsheet with a partner.
Filter Tasks by Owner
Create a filter view in order to clearly and easily see the tasks you own.
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