3. Rename, Move, and Delete Files

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In the previous video, you created folders and subfolders in Google Drive. In this video, you’ll rename files, move them into the correct folders, and delete files you don’t need.

The files are stored in Drive, but you have to scroll through them to find what you need. Periodically, cleaning up your Drive by renaming, moving, and deleting files ensures you are accessing the right materials and working on the most recent versions of files. To start, give your files specific, descriptive names, so you know which ones go with which classes or assignments without having to take the time to open and read them.

Name files using a consistent format. Start all file names with dates to keep track of deadlines, or include the class subject, textbook chapter, and type of file. Use a naming system that works for you.

Open the file called Notes 1.

Read over the document to find out which class the notes are for.

Rename the file. Include specific details in the name.

This example names files with the date, then lists the class and assignment.

Next, move the file to the correct folder.

Check that the file is in the right place.

Click on the folder name in the notification, and make sure you see your file inside the Biology folder.

If you accidentally move a file to the wrong folder, don’t worry! Select Undo on the notification immediately after you move the file.

Or, move it again to the correct location.

Next, find the English Project Research Outline in Drive.

Rename it.

Then, move it to the Literature Paper subfolder you created in the previous video.

Continue renaming the files you added to Drive in this lesson, and move them into the correct folders.

To delete a file you no longer need, click on it in Drive, and move it to the trash.

If you delete a file by mistake, undo the deletion.

Or, navigate to the trash folder, and restore the file to replace it in its original location.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your class files, and rename them with the date, class, and assignment, Move each file into the correct folder or subfolder, And Delete files you don’t need.


  1. Open your class files, and rename them with the date, class, and assignment.
  2. Move each file into the correct folder or subfolder.
  3. Delete files you don’t need.