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6. Organize Files in Drive Wrap-Up

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In this activity, you saved, organized, and shared class materials using Google Drive.

You: Created color-coded folders for classes Created sub-folders for projects and assignments Opened, renamed, moved, and deleted files Uploaded files from your computer Shared files and folders with a classmate and changed sharing permissions and added a classmate’s files to your Drive Now, you’ll be able to create digital folders and save related class materials together in the same place, organize your files based on topic or due date, and easily share and add a classmate’s files to your Drive.

The digital skills you learned will help you stay organized, save time, keep track of assignments, collaborate with classmates, and access your work from any mobile device or computer.

While Google Drive is a great way to stay organized for class, you can use these same skills to: Organize and collaborate on files for a school committee or volunteer project Organize your personal folders, like documents for an after-school job or hobby Keep track of files and applications for a scholarship or contest Or share files for a sports team or other group Have fun using Google Drive to stay organized and continue succeeding in your activities!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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As a teacher, you can print a blank template.