4. Organize College Information in Google Sheets Wrap-Up

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In this activity, you used Google Sheets, Google Search, and Google Maps to organize, research, and record criteria you care about to compare colleges you’d like to attend.

By taking the time to prepare and research your schools, you now have a much better idea of how they compare to each other.

This helps you avoid making a choice based on an opinion or incomplete information.

You: created a new spreadsheet...

You also added headers for important college criteria, organized them in order of importance to you, decided on how to measure them, and hyperlinked to the college websites, so you could easily reference them in the future.

Then, you researched each college and filled in your criteria under each heading.

You learned that each spreadsheet row is an item and that each column uses one data type to describe a characteristic of it.

Because your information is organized, you can continue using your spreadsheet to help make smart decisions about colleges.

Continue to build it by adding more schools to research and, if you like, adding other criteria important to you.

By organizing, measuring, and researching, you can make more informed decisions and help others understand your choices.

You also can apply these skills to other projects.

You might organize a fundraiser, plan a class trip, or even learn a new language.

Best of luck to you with your college endeavors!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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