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Choosing the best college degree for you depends on numerous factors, including the career you want, the subjects that interest you most, and the quality of life you hope to have.

In this extension, you will narrow down your degree choices to focus on the colleges that offer the degree you want.

There are many different types of undergraduate degrees: Associate degrees are, for full-time students, two-year-long programs.

They include associate of arts, associate of science, associate of applied arts, and associate of applied science.

They prepare you for entry-level positions in many different fields.

Bachelor’s degrees are four-year programs, for those attending school full-time.

There are bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, bachelor of fine arts, and bachelor of applied science degrees.

If you are unsure of what type of degree to pursue, first ask yourself: What classes do you enjoy most?

And what type of career do you picture having?

Then, consider setting up an appointment with a school guidance counselor, if you have one.

They can give you lots of useful information on degrees and careers.

This example will focus on a bachelor of science degree.

If you have a different degree type in mind, use that instead.

To begin, go to Google Drive And open your spreadsheet.

The original example project had three schools, but you might have more.

Then, create a filter.

Filtering shows only the information that fits a particular criteria.

Filter colleges from your list that don’t offer the type of degree you plan to pursue.

Highlight the “Degree Type” column.

Select filter tool And filter by values.

Clear the current values Then select any value that includes your chosen degree type.


Now, the information in your spreadsheet is filtered by degree type.

This is a simple way to view only the colleges that offer the degree type you want.

To remove the filter to show all of the schools on your list, simply select the filter and select all values again.

Now, it’s your turn: Open your spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Select the filter tool.

Clear current values.

Choose an Extension
Research and Sort Important College Deadlines

Add information to your spreadsheet about regular admission deadlines.

Add a New Sheet for Application Requirements

Add a new sheet to your spreadsheet to organize required application materials for each school.

Filter Colleges by Degree Type

Narrow down your degree choices to focus on the colleges that offer the degree you want.

Clarify Information by Splitting Text to Columns

Split text from one column into two columns to clarify and better organize details in your spreadsheet.

Keep Track of College Applications with Data

Learn how to use data validation to keep track of deadlines for your college applications.

Share Your College Spreadsheet with Others

Change permissions settings and share your spreadsheet to get feedback from others.


Choose an extension video to change the content, structure, and goals of your spreadsheet.