5. Organize College Applications in Google Sheets Wrap-Up

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Each college requires many different documents in order to apply.

Using a spreadsheet helps you stay organized through the process as you track each college application and ensure that you meet each deadline.

In this lesson, you: Made a list of the schools you planned to apply to, Set up a header row to track application details, Formatted the header row so it stood out, Used data validation to create dropdown menus, And added application information for each specific school to your spreadsheet.

As you worked through this lesson, you practiced digital skills like formatting text and adding data validation.

Features like this make the spreadsheet more user-friendly as you continue to add information to it.

The great thing about spreadsheets is that they can be completely tailored to what you need to track.

Feel free to change or add columns if you are applying to specialty schools, like those that concentrate on the arts or engineering.

These types of schools might have different application requirements, like a portfolio of your work.

Or maybe you want to use your spreadsheet as you apply for a certificate or licensing program.

No matter where you plan to apply, start using a spreadsheet as early in the application process as possible to keep yourself organized and on-track.

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Certificate of Completion

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