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In this video, you will create and rename a new spreadsheet. Then, you will add and format headers in the columns of your spreadsheet for important project details.

A spreadsheet is made up of columns and rows. Columns are vertical, like the columns on a building. Rows are horizontal, like rows of seats in a movie theater.

Formatting a spreadsheet by labeling, aligning and bolding column headers helps organize your information, making it easier to read and use.

For the remainder of this lesson, group members will gather around a single computer.

To start, have one group member: Create a new spreadsheet Rename it, and share it with the other group members.

Select the permission you want to use: Edit means the person you share with can make changes directly in your spreadsheet. Comment allows them to make comments, but not change the spreadsheet. And view lets them see your spreadsheet only.

For this lesson, select the edit permission so everyone in your group has access to the spreadsheet.

Then, as a group think about all of the important details of your project.

Consider: Your club’s name, The members of your club, Tasks, such as electing leaders, Deadlines and statuses for each task, And who will be responsible for completing each task. This person is called the task owner.

Next, select one person to add each of these items to your spreadsheet as headers.

Headers help you quickly and easily identify what information is listed and sorted in the column below. Begin by adding a column header for your club’s name.

Continue adding headers to the rest of the columns.

Bold your headers to make them stand out more.

Then, align them to make them look neat and organized.

You can organize a spreadsheet in a similar way for other kinds of projects, like for a group research project. When you are finished adding column headers, move on to the next video.

Now, it’s your turn: Create and name a new spreadsheet, Add column headers, Bold headers, And align header labels.


  1. Create and name a new spreadsheet.
  2. Add column headers.
  3. Bold headers.
  4. Align header labels.