4. Add Club Members, Tasks, and Deadlines

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In this video, you will add the names of club members to your spreadsheet. Then, you will write a list of tasks in the sequence of what your group needs to do in order to organize your club, and add and format deadlines for each task.

A sequence describes the way tasks follow each other in a set order. Consider which tasks need to come first, which ones need another task to be done first, and which ones can be worked on by different group members at the same time.

You will enter this information in the cells of the tasks column.

A cell is a box where you enter a single piece of information. Each individual cell is identified by a column letter and a row number. To begin, select one person in your group to add the club idea or name that your group brainstormed in the shared document in a previous video.

Next, add the names of your group’s members in the cells of the Club Members column.

Next, come up with at least five tasks that will need to be done to organize your club. Or, use the tasks shown on screen.

Have another group member enter the tasks in sequence in the cells of the Tasks column.

If the column is too small after adding tasks, you can resize it to make it wider. To resize it, hover over the right side of the header. Click, hold, and drag the mouse to reduce or widen the column. Deadlines keep everyone on track to complete tasks on time. As a group, estimate the total amount of time you expect to spend on each one. Keep in mind that different group members can work on different tasks at the same time.

Choose another group member to enter the deadlines into the spreadsheet.

Then, add formatting to the deadline dates to make them look consistent. This will make your spreadsheet easier to read. Using your spreadsheet in this way helps break down a complicated project into much more manageable steps. When you are finished, move on to the next video. Now, it’s your turn: Add names of at least three club members, Add at least five tasks in sequence, Adjust the width of the tasks column, And set deadlines for each task.


  1. Add names of at least three club members.
  2. Add at least five tasks in sequence.
  3. Adjust the width of the tasks column.
  4. Set deadlines for each task.