4. Add a Background Color and Other Details

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In this video, you will add a background color and other details to finish your drawing, such as shapes, lines, and text.

To begin, select a background color for your drawing.

Bright, vivid colors can help you remember your drawing better.

Choose a color that complements the colors in any images you’ve used.

Next, add final details to your drawing.

The elements you choose to include will vary depending on the idea you are trying to convey with your drawing.

Symbols, such as a heart, an arrow, or a mathematical sign, can be great visuals to use in creating mnemonics.

Or if you are drawing a building or other structure, you could select rectangular or square shapes.

You could also add lines to your drawing.

Lines can be used for a variety of purposes, such as adding details to a face or object, or connecting different elements.

In this example, a line will be used to represent the comma that goes after the first clause and before the conjunction.

Place the line where you want in your drawing.

Adjust the line width.

And select its color.

In some cases, you might decide to use text in your visual mnemonic, such as if you want to remember a fact related to a date or a grammar rule.

To add text, insert a text box And draw the text box where you want it.

The text you include should help to illustrate your fact or idea, but it shouldn’t explicitly describe it.

In this example, the names of the seven coordinating conjunctions will be represented by the acrostic “FANBOYS” to remind you of the first letter of each word.

After you’ve added your text, increase the font size.

Select a font color that stands out from your background.

And bold the text.

Finish your drawing by adding final details and making adjustments to the size and placement of any shapes, lines, text, or images you’ve included.

Check the planning comment you wrote earlier to make sure you’ve covered everything you intended to.

It’s ok if you changed your plan as you developed your drawing.

When you have finished your drawing, resolve your planning comment.

Don’t worry if your drawing isn’t perfect or artistic.

It doesn’t matter as long as you can picture the fact or idea in your mind.

Doing the physical act of drawing the picture itself will help you remember the idea, as well.

Now, it’s your turn: Select a background color, Add shapes, lines, or text, Format them.

Add final details to your drawing, And resolve your planning comment.


  1. Select a background color.
  2. Add shapes, lines, or text.
  3. Format them.
  4. Add final details to your drawing.
  5. Resolve your planning comment.