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It’s a lot easier to manage your time if you know how you spend it.

In this video, you will build a list of all the things you did yesterday and how long each activity took.

A list can help you pay better attention to what you do all day, so that you can make time for things you “have” to do, and for things you “want” to do.

Seeing all your activities at once can help you plan enough time for tasks, like studying for an exam or practicing an instrument, and for things like catching up on TV shows and sharing photos with your friends.

To set up your sheet, create column headings that organize your activities and time spent.

These headings will help you break down your time, so it’s easier to see.

Bold the first row, so that your categories will stand out separately from your activities themselves.

Adding a new habit or finding time to study can be overwhelming if you think about making a change all at once.

It’ll be easier to take one day at a time.

Start your list with what you did yesterday.

Add yesterday’s date.

Make a list of all the things you spent time on yesterday.

Make sure to include everything you did.

The example project shows some of the ways you might spend your time, but your schedule will look different.

Record the big things, like sleeping and school, or a job, first.

If you play an instrument or participate in a sport, make sure to account for the time you spend practicing.

Think about “in-between” tasks, like getting to and from school and having lunch with your friends.

Add your regular responsibilities...

anything you do to keep up with school and housework...

And don’t forget what you do for fun.

Some of these activities might take more space than the cell gives you in the spreadsheet.

Select the column and “wrap” the text, so you can see everything at once.

Now, it’s your turn: Label your columns, Bold the first row, Enter yesterday’s date, and list everything you spent time on yesterday.


  1. Label your columns.
  2. Bold the first row.
  3. Enter yesterday’s date.
  4. List everything you spent time on yesterday.