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5. Manage Project Communication Wrap-Up

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Managing communication for a big project is rewarding, but it also can be challenging.

It’s important to share the same information with all of the members when working on a group project.

When you do, there is less chance to make mistakes or forget an important step in the process of organizing your project.

Digital applications like the ones you used in this lesson can help you communicate with your group efficiently and effectively, and your group will be able to complete the project successfully and on time.

Using email to communicate important details about your project and share documents helps you share information quickly and easily to a group.

Creating a contact group first makes it even more efficient.

In this lesson, you: Added contacts for your group members, Created a contact group label and applied it to your group member contacts Composed an email to your group using the contact group label...

Added a link to a document saved in Google Drive to your email...

Created and shared a meeting agenda in Google Docs with important details, purpose, and a numbered list of topics to discuss.

Being able to effectively communicate with groups is an important skill for school, at work, and in life.

You might use email to communicate other types of information, such as: Organizing a team or group, Planning a school function like a carnival or a fundraiser, Or communicating with a group about a school assignment.

The digital skills you used in these videos will help ensure your group project is organized and successful for everyone.

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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