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Send an Email Thanking a Project Participant

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Many group emails are about deadlines, problems, or task assignments.

But it is just as important to communicate good news or celebrate teamwork with the group.

You could send an email including your group to thank your teacher or principal for helping to organize the project, or give thanks to a community leader for their time and effort helping with a project task.

In this video, you will write an email to someone involved in your project that your group would like to say thanks to, or to give them praise.

To start, open your email application and compose a new message.

Specify the recipients.

Include the email address of who you would like to thank.

Use the contact group label you created in the main lesson.

Or, type the email addresses.

Then, add a subject.

The subject should describe the contents of the email.

Add a greeting.

Then, write the rest of your message.

Include: Who you’re praising Why you’re saying thanks...

And how their accomplishment affects the group or project.

If you’d like, suggest ways your group members can reach out to the person themselves.

To finish your email, add a closing...

When you’re finished, send the email.

Now, it’s your turn: Compose a new email, Include your contact group and the person you are thanking as the recipients, Write a message to your group complimenting someone involved in the project, Suggest a way group members can say thanks, And send the email.

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Send an Email Thanking a Project Participant

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