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Schedule a Project Meeting with Google Calendar

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Google Calendar makes it easy for groups to stay connected, organized, and on task.

Google Calendar lets you invite group members to a meeting and even insert important documents in a meeting invitation.

In this extension, you will invite group members to a project meeting.

You will: Schedule your group’s meeting, And invite people to your meeting.

To begin, open a new tab in your browser.

Go to

Then, select Calendar from the app menu.

Select a date to hold your group’s meeting.

Then, click on a time slot.

Title your event.

Then, enter a description for your meeting.

Next, invite guests.

You can use the same contact group you created in the main lesson, add each contact, or just type the email addresses in one-by-one.

Then, add a location for the meeting.

Include a link to the meeting agenda you created in the main lesson, so meeting attendees can access it from Calendar.

To do this, attach the agenda from Google Drive.

When you’ve finished adding all of your details and email addresses, send the invitation.

Whenever someone accepts your invitation, you will receive an email.

Or, check the guest list in Google Calendar.

Click on your event to view the list of names.

Anyone with a checkmark next to their name has accepted your invitation.

If someone declines your invitation, you will see that as well.

If someone hasn’t responded yet, you can send them a reminder.

Now that you know how to send a meeting invitation in Google Calendar, use the app to help you stay organized in more ways.

For example, you could send an invitation to meet with a group or partner for a school assignment or project, or set up a meeting to organize a club or extracurricular activity.

Now, it’s your turn: Select a date and time slot, Enter a title and description for your meeting, Attach meeting agenda document, Invite guests, And send a reminder to guests who haven’t responded.

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