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Create a Project Exit Survey for Your Group with Google Forms

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Receiving feedback from people involved in a large-scale project is important.

When you reach out to find out what others have to say about your project or working together on it, you get: New ideas and viewpoints, And suggestions for improvement for the next time you plan the project.

One way to achieve this is by using an exit survey.

An exit survey is given at the end of a program, project, or job to get feedback about what participants liked, what areas need improvement, and other important information.

With a digital survey, you can ask several people at the same time.

In this extension video lesson, you’ll create a survey that you will use to ask for feedback about the project from group members.

In your survey, you should: Clearly explain your purpose, Make it easy to respond, Keep your questions brief, And limit the number of questions you ask.

To begin, open your Google Drive.

Then, create a new form and rename it.

A new title will be automatically added to the form when you rename it.

You can change it if you like.

Next, add a description.

Describe the basic idea and purpose of the survey.

Then, add questions.

Be formal and professional.

Choose the format of the question.

Short answer and paragraph formats allow people to type in their responses.

Multiple choice, checkboxes, and dropdown menus offer people options to select for their responses.

Typed responses allow people more flexibility for what they want to share in their responses; however, they take longer to complete.

Questions with options will limit choices, but they can be answered quickly.

Continue adding questions.

Each question should ask about something that will help you better understand the outcome of your project.

Using checkboxes as your response format allows people to check more than one response.

This can be useful if there are several possible responses to a question.

Include a space for respondents to type other choices.

Add at least five questions to your survey.

After your questions are complete, you can customize the theme of your survey to make your survey appear professional and appealing.

When you are ready, send your survey to your group using the contact group label you created in the main lesson, or type the email addresses in.

Add a brief message explaining the purpose for your survey, so people receiving your survey will know what it is for.

When you’ve finished creating the survey, send it.

Now, it’s your turn: Create a survey in a new form, Add a title and description, Add questions to your survey, Customize your survey theme, And send your survey.

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