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3. Email Your Project Contact Group

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Writing an email is a convenient way to communicate about your project.

You can send emails to share information, ask questions, and check progress.

In this video, you will write an email to the people working on your project.

To begin, open your email application.

Compose a new message.

In the “To” field, enter the contact group you made in the previous video.

Remove a contact from the To list if you don’t want them to receive the email.

Next, write a subject line.

Your subject line communicates the main point of your message to the recipients, so they know what to expect when they open the email.

Type a simple greeting.

Now, type the body of the email.

Think about the people in your group, and make sure the tone of your email fits the audience.

For example, you might write a more formal email if community leaders or school administrators are part of your group than you would to just your classmates.

Type complete sentences and use correct punctuation.

If you are making a request or asking a question, show appreciation.

End your email with a closing.

Re-read your email before you send it to check for errors.

You may want to include a file in your email that contains information about your project.

To do this, add an attachment.

Or, share a link to a file in Google Drive.

Let your recipients know you’ve attached or linked a file in the body of your email.

When you’re ready, send the email to your group.

If your email recipients don’t have access to a file, change the sharing settings.

Now, it’s your turn: Compose an email to your group, Use the contact group label in your email, Attach a file or a link to your email, And send the email to your group.


  1. Compose an email to your group.
  2. Use the contact group label in your email.
  3. Attach a file or a link to your email.
  4. Send the email to your group.