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When you are working on a big project with a group, you will probably need to email your group fairly frequently.

Creating a group in your contacts allows you to email everyone at once without having to type in each email address separately.

This saves time, and also helps you send your emails to the right people every time.

In this video, you will create and name a contact group label to apply to your contacts.

To begin, go to your Google Contacts in your apps menu.

Then, check to see if all the members of your group are in your contacts list.

If people are missing, add them as new contacts.

Add the first name, last name, and email addresses for each group member.

Think about who else might need to receive emails about your project as part of this group.

This might include people like teachers, school administrators, or people in the community.

Add them to your contacts as well.

Ask them for permission to add them to your group communications.

Once you’ve added all your group members to your contacts, create a contact group label.

This will allow you to email everyone in the group at once by selecting the label.

Give the label a name that relates to your group project.

Now, go to your contacts and select people to add.

Then, select your group project label to add your contacts to it.

After you’ve created a contact group label and added people to it, move on to the next video to email your group.

Now, it’s your turn: Create new contacts for your group’s members, Create a new contact group label and name it, And label your contacts with your contact group label.


  1. Create new contacts for your group’s members.
  2. Create a new contact group label and name it.
  3. Label your contacts with your contact group label.