3. Outline Shapes in Your Photo

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In this video, you will outline the shapes in your photo.

When you outline the different shapes that make up your photo, you prepare your photo for adding colors.

To begin, choose a type of line.

If the image in your photo has shapes with straight edges, use a line.

Otherwise, use a curve.

You might want to practice before you begin.

Click the mouse to begin your curve.

Then, click the mouse each time you want the curve to move in a different direction.

Start by outlining the largest shape in your photo.

For a person or animal, this might be the head.

For an object, it might be the outside border of the object or the lines that make up its main shape.

Completing the largest shape first can make it easier to outline the other parts.

You complete a shape by connecting the end of the line to the beginning.

The shape you outlined will automatically fill.

If you make a mistake while connecting the lines you can start again.

Change the fill color to transparent, so you can continue to see the photo.

Change the border of your outline so that it's thicker and easier to see.

Then, outline any other large shapes in your photo.

Follow the same steps to outline more shapes in your photo.

You want to add outlines for anything in your photo that is important in the overall image.

It's okay if your shapes don't perfectly match the shapes in the image.

You just want your overall pop art to look like the subject you're outlining.

If there are small parts in your photo that need outlining, zoom in before outlining them.

When you think your drawing is complete, zoom out and move the photo from behind the outlines so you can see your outlines by themselves.

You can see if you missed any sections.

If you did, you can undo the steps you took to move the photo to put it back in place.

Then, add outlines to those sections.

Now, it's your turn: outline the sections of your photo, change the fill color and border, and check and complete your outlines.


  1. Outline the sections of your photo.
  2. Change the fill color and border.
  3. Check and complete your outlines.