6. Make Pop Art in Google Drawings Wrap-Up

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Nice job! You have created a work of pop art!

Knowing the pop art techniques and artists who used those techniques can help you create more pop art in the future.

You can experiment and add your own personal style to this art movement.

In this lesson, you: chose a photo for your pop art, You outlined shapes in the photo, Filled the shapes with colors, Removed the photo and borders, And chose a background color to complete your pop art.

Pop art is an art movement that is known for the use of primary colors and pop culture.

You can use the skills from this lesson to create posters, greeting cards, and advertisements, Or to make new versions of your personal photos to share with others!

Your friends and family might even ask you how they can create their own pop art.

And you will be able to show them!

Certificate of Completion

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Certificate of Completion

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