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In this video, you will adjust the formatting of your pop art and change the background color.

Adding some finishing touches will make the transformation of your photo into pop art complete.

To begin, delete your photo.

When you delete your photo, you should still see the same basic image as in the photo, only with colored shapes in its place.

Then, look for gaps between the shapes.

To adjust these spaces, select one shape at a time.

Adjust the shape to make it larger or smaller to fill in any gaps.

If any gaps are small or hard to fix, zoom in to make it easier to make adjustments.

Next, remove the borders from your shapes by making them transparent.

If you notice any more gaps, close them up as best you can.

To complete your pop art, change the background color.

Choose a color that will keep the focus on the image you created and will not blend in with the colors you've added.

You can keep your background color solid or choose a gradient color, which uses shades of a color for a background.

Now, it's your turn: delete your photo, close up gaps in your image, remove the borders, and choose a background color.


  1. Delete your photo.
  2. Close up gaps in your image.
  3. Remove the borders.
  4. Choose a background color.