4. Fill Your Shapes with Colors

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Now that you have outlined the shapes in your photo, you can transform it into pop art!

In this video, you will fill the shapes you outlined in your photo with colors.

While pop artists from the pop art movement often used primary colors in their works, you can choose whatever colors you like to create your own work of art.

You might want to use colors that are similar to the actual photograph.

Or you might want to use a lot of different colors to make your art really unique!

To begin, select one of the shapes you outlined. You might start with the largest shape.

The largest shape will probably be the one that people notice first, so you can build your colors and color patterns from there.

Then, choose a fill color for your first shape.

Continue filling your shapes with colors.

Use different colors for shapes that border each other so they appear as separate shapes.

You can use bright primary colors like pop artists, or tints and shades of colors.

You can form a pattern with your colors, or use different colors for each shape.

When you have filled in all of your shapes, look closely at your pop art image.

You can change any colors that you don’t like, whether it’s a missing part of a pattern or bordering colors that do not match well.

Now, it’s your turn: Select your shapes, And fill your shapes with different colors.


  1. Select your shapes.
  2. Fill your shapes with different colors.