2. Choose a Photo for Your Pop Art

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In this video, you will choose a photo for your pop art and add the photo to your drawing.

Your pop art will still look like your original photo in some ways, but you will add your own ideas and techniques to modify it and make it a work of art all your own.

To begin, select a photo to base your art on.

This might be a photo of a person, food or another object, an animal, or anything else you think of.

For this lesson, you may choose a photo with some details but not too many.

You can always create more complex pop art in the future!

If you have a good photo saved on your computer or in your Photos or Drive, you can insert it into your drawing.

If you don't already have a photo you want to use, search the web for a photo.

Search for the image, review the search results, and make sure you have the right to use the image.

Then, insert the photo into your drawing.

Next, crop the photo if you choose to.

If you only want to use one part of the photo, cropping it allows you to use only the part you need.

Center your photo on the canvas to frame it evenly on the page.

Adjust the size of the photo so it fills as much of the canvas as possible.

Resize the photo using the corners to keep the image in proportion.

Now, it's your turn: choose a photo for your pop art, insert the photo, and crop, center, and resize your photo.


  1. Choose a photo for your pop art.
  2. Insert the photo.
  3. Crop, center, and resize your photo.