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7. Make Art Inspired by Frida Kahlo and Mexico Wrap-Up

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In this lesson, you explored the Google Arts and Culture online exhibit about artist Frida Kahlo.

Then, you created pixel art inspired by what you saw and learned while touring the exhibit.

Art allows you to dream and express yourself.

It might inspire you to ask questions or help you see the world in a new way.

Art -- whether it’s a painting, piece of music, story, poem, film, or illustration -- helps people connect with their own culture as well as with the wider world.

Artists can be inspired and influenced by people, surroundings, nature, other artists and by their own experiences.

When you created your pixel art, you may have been inspired by Frida Kahlo’s bright colors, or her self-portraiture.

Or, maybe you were inspired by another artist that you are familiar with.

As you created your pixel art, you: Created a new spreadsheet and renamed it.

You explored Google Arts and Culture’s ‘Faces of Frida’ online exhibit about artist Frida Kahlo to find inspiration for your own art...

Then, you set up your spreadsheet grid...

And added conditional formatting rules to assign a color to each number in your spreadsheet.

You created a piece of art by entering those numbers into your spreadsheet.

And you added a background color by assigning a rule that filled empty cells with a color.

Finally, you hid the numbers in your image and removed the gridlines from your spreadsheet.

During this project, you learned how to work in a spreadsheet and set conditional formatting rules.

You can use conditional formatting for other types of creative projects, too, like planning a design for a sticky note mural….

...Or craft projects.

Whether it’s pixel art or a spreadsheet for school or work, using conditional formatting in Google Sheets can make your data more colorful and easier to use.

You can also continue to explore a wide variety of topics at Google Arts and Culture.

You can even save your favorite content and create your own gallery.

From virtual exhibits to 3D views of art and artifacts, Google Arts and Culture has something for everyone!

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Certificate of Completion

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